About Us


SHUBHAN ENTERPRISES is a registered firm, with firm Regn. No. 1025/2002 on the file of Registrar of Firm, Madras (Central), registered under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932. The firm comprises of Mr. M.GOKULAKRISHNAN, as a Partner and Mrs. G.SUJATHA, as the Managing Partner.

The firm was constituted in the year 2002, being conceived and promoted by
Mr. M.GOKULAKRISHNAN, a first generation entrepreneur. The firm is carrying on business in the field of medical implants by importing, marketing and selling products by creating a market of its own, concentrating in the spheres of interventional devices and bio-medical products. The firm over the years has expanded to various activities in the business line of medical implants, equipments, etc. and as on date has a complete profile with a separate division dealing with electrical products with a sales profile of  3M Electrical products.


Mr. M.GOKULAKRISHNAN, operating as the CEO of the firm, has a MBA in Marketing Management with his basic graduation in Corporate Secretaryship. He had started his career in HCL Picker Ltd., a US based Bio-Medical company which has wide network of sales for medical equipments throughout the world. He further worked under various MNCs and the final job profile was as Divisional Head in Boston Scientific Corporation, yet another US based implants company which had product range in Cardiology and Neuroradiology, Gastroenterology, Surgical gastroenterology and Vascular surgery. With lot of training in marketing, product profiles and management in the international arena, Mr.Gokulakrishnan ventured into his own business. By sheer dedication and relentless training he has raised to the level from a Salesman and won awards in sales and marketing for five consecutive years. He has gained the valuable contacts with Doctors and other paramedical staffs, which has given him confidence to go for a concern of his own.

Mrs. G.SUJATHA is a post graduate in English Literature from MadrasUniversitywith basic graduation in Physics. She is the Managing
Partner of the firm. She has excelled over the years in the various activities of the firm and has a flavour for excellence and system oriented operations.

The firm is further supported by an excellent committed team of professionals and personnel, internally and externally. The following are the few key personnel worth a mention and who continue to contribute to the growth of the organisation:

Mr. V.S.KRISHNAN, the Marketing Manager is an engineering graduate in Bio-Medical. He has got over 18 years of experience in the Vascular and non vascular division in multinational companies. The various training he had undergone in India and abroad had enhanced his soft skills in technical and management.He is instrumental in developing the market, the company is seeking to serve and develop a cliché for itself. He is also the key personnel for the operations in other territories manning the office in Bangalore.

Mr.BALAJI is looking after the sales operations with a commitment to the organisation with long years of service.

The organisation looks upon the esteem support the Auditors, M/s. C.RAMASAMY & B.SRINIVASAN, Chartered Accountants, the External Consultants for periodical training programmes, technology up gradation, etc. and training faculty from the Principals. All these factors have contributed to the growth of the organisation as an indispensible entity in the field of medical implants in South India.

The firm had started the operations with products from Boston Scientific Corporation, US and St. Jude Medical, USA and over the years had expanded the profile of products from various principals around the world. As on date the following are the various principals, whose products are imported and marketed in India.

Medical implants & equipment

Product Profiles:

The firm focuses on products like Interventional products in Cardiology and Neuroradiology, Gastroenterology, Surgical gastroenterology and vascular surgery. The specific products in direct usage are catheters, Stents, Balloons, Cardio thoracic
patches, Vascular Grafts and ERCP accessories. The company wise and application wise products are given hereunder:

St. Jude Medical


Ablation Catheters

Swartz Catheters

Navx Patch



Diagnostic Catheters

Emboilization Particles


Drainage Catheters

Infusion Catheter

Thrombalizing Catheter

HPT Lines


Cardiothoracic Grafts

Woven Grafts



Chest Drains

Our Vision

To be one of the major contributors in delivering tertiary healthcare, by enabling deployment of the state of the art technologies in partnership with our principals and be the partner of choice for care givers and healthcare providers in India.